Move In / Out

         Cleaning Checklist       

  • Clean the exterior/ Interior of kitchen cabinets and polish Clean small appliances.
  • Inside of the microwave.
  • Clean the kitchen counter.
  • Hand clean or wet/steam mop the kitchen floor
  • getting underneath all cabinets.
  • Dust, clean / polish kitchen base boards/ trim.
  • Clean the back splash throughout the kitchen.
  • Clean the exterior of all the bathroom cabinets.
  • Clean all of the walls in the bathroom, especially around the toilet.
  • Clean inside/outside and behind the toilet.
  • Clean the inside of the tub or shower including any doors.
  • Clean the back splash in the bathrooms, hand clean or wet/steam mop the bathroom floor.
  • Get underneath all of the cabinets, behind toilet, and behind the pedestal sink if it has one.
  • Vacuum, dust , clean/ Polish all of the baseboards in the bathrooms.
  • Clean all of the doors around the door handles in the bathrooms and the rest of the door if it needs it.
  • Clean all of the electric plate covers and vents throughout.
  • Vacuum, dust, clean polish the baseboards throughout the home.
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Edges of the hard surfaces throughout the home.
  • Edges of the carpeted areas throughout the home.
  • Vacuum all hard and carpeted surfaces.
  • Dust throughout the home.
  • We will mop all hard surfaces.
  • Clean all of the window sills throughout the house.

            Optional Add On's

  • Wash walls 
  • Interior of appliances 
  • Interior windows